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Austemper Heat Treatment

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Heat Treat Line
Heat Treat Line

Master is one of the few custom stamping manufacturers with heat treatment capabilities in house.  As a result, we control everything from quality to lead time making certain only quality conforming parts are produced and delivered on time. 

With over 35 years of Austemper heat treating experience, a convenient Midwestern location, quick turnaround and certified quality and environmental systems, Master clearly has the advantage.

We are also one of the few captive heat treat operations that accepts outside work, meaning we can heat treat your existing steel parts.  The same quality, delivery and cost effective advantages apply to your heat treating needs.  Contact us for details.

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Heat Treat Control Panel
Heat Treat Control Panel
Heat Treat Magnetic Feed
Heat Treat Magnetic Feed
Rockwell Heat Treat Tester
Rockwell Heat Treat Tester

Austemper Heat Treatment Capabilities:

Heat Treatment Type

Austemper, thru hardening

Materials Heat Treated Carbon Steel from C1050 to C1095
Hardness Achieved Rockwell R/C 40 to 50, or as needed depending on steel type
Part Types Processed Small metal parts, such as stampings, clips, clamps, fasteners, pins, etc.
Part Size and Weight Material thickness of .006" to .200", up to 5" long, weighing 2 pounds
Equipment 2 Austemper lines manufactured by CAN-ENG and SELAS
Controls Computer controlled time, temperature, atmosphere and weight
Loading Method Automated controlled weight and through put by use of magnetic carrier which protects fragile parts before hardening from bending or damage
Quality On site laboratory testing for hardness from R15N scale to R/C, product specific testing available, PDF TS16949 Certified Quality Systems (PDF - 158KB)
Lead Time 7 to 10 days, expedited service available
Through Put Capacity 500 pounds per hour plus
Atmosphere Endothermic Gas
Uses To increase strength, hardness, toughness and wear resistance of steel
Heat Treating Advantages Allows for use of thinner (and therefore less costly) steel thickness without loss of strength. Parts bend and then "spring back" to their original shape.
Austemper Advantages Reduced distortion as parts retain more of their original shape, provides higher ductility (much less brittle), produces superior microstructures, reduces the possibility of hydrogen embrittlement caused by supplemental finishes such as electroplating or acid cleaning.
The Master Mfg. Advantage 30 years of experience, quick turnaround, central Midwestern location, certified quality and environmental systems

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