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Corrosion Protection and Value Add Operations

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Metal Stamp finished parts
Metal Stamp finished parts

Master Manufacturing Co., Inc.'s Finishing and Value Add capabilities are standout strengths in our operation. We are one of the few custom parts producers that also offers the final step to a stamping: product finishing. Our finishing capabilities include zinc electroplating (RoHS compliant), phosphating, and dip-spin painting. Whether you require strength, appearance, or corrosion resistance, Master has a finish to meet your need. Our finishes meet many automotive, appliance, and government specifications. Key process parameters are measured by our computerized plating line. Our environmental management systems meet federal, state, and local environmental requirements. Master's state-of-the-art austempering heat treat line provides all the benefits of heat treating without the disadvantages often associated with conventional processes, such as distortion. Conveyors and magnetic loaders are designed to protect parts during handling. Our value add capabilities include assembly, riveting, staking, kitting, sorting and packaging, utilizing cell manufacturing to provide our customers with the finished fastener system, product or kit they need.

Value Add finished parts
Value Add finished parts
Corrosion Protected parts
Corrosion Protected parts
Salt Spray Test
Salt Spray Test

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Corrosion Protection and Value Add Operations Capabilities

Zinc Electroplating
Automated Barrel Platting Line - Computer Controlled
Acid Chloride Zinc
Color Dyes Available for Color Coding
Trivalent Chromate (Hex Free Chrome)
ROHS Compliant
Profit Center Welcoming Outside Business
Austempter Heat Treatment
Austemper Provides:
Heat treatment of steel parts thru hardening
Excellent Strength Allows For Use of Thinner (Lower Cost) Steel
Reduced Distortion, More Ductile Parts
(2) Production Heat Treat Furnaces-Austempering lines 500 lbs per hour capacity
Profit Center Welcoming Outside Business
Zinc Phosphating
Cost effective corrosion protective coating
Dry Touch Feel
Pre-Treatment for Dip Spin Painting
Profit Center Welcoming Outside Business
Dip Spin Painting
High Corrosion Functional Coating
Good for non-aesthetic parts
Black Fluorocarbon Paint
Automated Dip Spin Line
Oven Cure
Cell Manufacturing
Packaging and Distribution
Bulk packaging in Corrugated Cartons
Customer Supplied Returnable Packaging
Certified Weigh Counting System

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